In Plain Sight, 2: More on Those Mini Metal Spies

Phyllis Nissila

UAV from the public domainSince I last posted on this topic, even more technological innovations have come onto the scene. Here is part 2.

Where it used to be ginormous UFOs menacing the night skies and the population, what will soon blip on radar screens on enemy turf or backyard barbecues—the palm of the hand, even—is a growing mini-zoo of “bugbots” [1] that are also, many believe, up to no good (see previous posts under the category listing “technology,” to the right, for more perspectives).

Whereas I am captivated by the tech-lingo for these micro-critters: MUV (Micro Air Vehicle), RoboBee (bitty metal buzzers with swarm potential), “biomorphic robots,” NWMS (New World Military Soldier), and, perhaps even, it occurs to me, ’squito-bots (although, come to think of it, midget midges might pose a real danger to all the expensive technology as we reach for bug spray, flyswatters, and “foggers”), what portends here is not all fun and gamers. The advance of this bitty battalion of micro-menacers  might soon render the unwary and unprotected SOL (Sadly Out of Luck, right?).

What’s a mere mortal to do, other than live in a human Faraday Cage? Especially as we close in, quantumly-speaking, on the morphing of man and machine wherein bits and pieces are replaced by bytes and bots to a “singularity” [2] that does not bode well for anybody particularly as the term “enemy” is also morphing.

Or, maybe, as the article below suggests, we are closer than we think to Revelation Chapter 9 territory literally as well as figuratively. You know, the chapter wherein swarms of scorpion- and locust-like creatures, described as part biologic part metal, swarm the planet and zero in on their human prey to torment all “for five months” to the degree that many will seek death but not find it (verse 6).

(Okay, breathe. There IS some encouragement, here.)

But consider what else is recorded in John’s Revelation: “And it was commanded them that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing, neither any tree; but only those men which have not the seal of God in their foreheads” (4 KJV).

“Seal of God?” [3]

According to the biblical chronicle of what is yet to come there will be some who are immune to the swarms. For the how and the why, see the many variations on the same theme of deliverance as referenced below in just a scant few of many scholarly treatments of these verses.

But of course, free-will will out in each of us as we choose what to believe of all of this: surreal or real? Bunk or bona-fide? The bias of normalcy may stunt serious consideration as we tenaciously cling to comfort zones, but one thing is clear: the drones are on the (mini) march.

In the meantime, as the Revelator’s vision comes into clearer focus on the screens in Data Mining Central and on your doors and windows, it can’t hurt to take just one more look at the Book. See for yourself. While you can. (But why the rush to banish the Bible from view is another topic).

And it may  not hurt to hang on to that fly swatter.


[1] The article in question The New World Military Solider – Air Force Bugbot MAVs posted here:

[2]  On singularity:

[3] For spiritual applications of the “seal,” see just a few commentaries from various times and viewpoints; read with discernment:

Photo from the public domain.

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2 Responses to In Plain Sight, 2: More on Those Mini Metal Spies

  1. Carl Gordon says:

    They will be in trouble if dispatched during haying season as that process stirs up critters of the biological kind, and natures balancers, birds and mice who eat the bugs, who themselves are eaten by cats and coyotes, etc. may inadvertently ingest a few. I’m pretty sure the robobugs don’t come cheap…aahhh natures God knows what He is doing! Thank God! Loved reading this and look forward to checking out the info you’ve linked yo this article. 🙂


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