Baptism in the Holy Spirit-Free Download

“Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed?” (Acts 19:2)


Here is a free download by Claire Gumbs outlining the Scriptural supports, gifts, ministries, and effects of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit–for today, too. We believe this is an essential teaching and experience in this age of so many counterfeits that are doing so much damage to the Body of Christ.

Baptism_in_the_Holy_Spirit 2

Download as is, or print the two pages back to back and create a tri-fold.

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2 Responses to Baptism in the Holy Spirit-Free Download

  1. pnissila says:

    Yes, my sister, the designer, is very gifted in what she does. She and I have often discussed the lack of teaching these days on the Baptism in the Holy Spirit while at the same time noting all the counterfeits such as the so-called Sozo experience with its “fire tunnels” and the like, the “Toronto Blessing” and its manifestations of out-of-control laughing and animal-like behavior, and the New Apostolic Reformation brand of high jinx involving sightings of gold dust, feathers, and trinkets on people’s lawns. We need to get back to the real manifestation of the Holy Spirit, but where are the teachers?! We believe this tri-fold can help get people back to the basics, and the truth.


  2. Carl Gordon says:



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