“Text Tracts”: Free Downloads

Text Tracts 1-2

Text Tracts 3-4

“Do you sell any Gospel tracts?” my sister asked the young clerk in the Christian book store.

“Gospel tracts?”

“You know,” said Claire, “little pamphlets that feature scriptures on how to get saved or that provide encouragement from God’s Word…”

The clerk didn’t know. The store didn’t have.

Claire walked back out into the mall wondering why a Christian bookstore wouldn’t carry such an essential evangelistic tool. It occurred to her: text messaging.

People these days are more inclined to glance at a brief message in text-speak than they are to spend even one minute reading the old-fashioned, four-page, dissertation-type Gospel tract printed in tiny script.

So she designed a tract to match the market, cell phone graphics and all.

Each one of her “text tracts” features a simple question on everybody’s mind at one time or another, for example: “Ever wonder about life and death?”; “Ever wonder about God and what He might think about u?”; “Anxious about ur life?”

On the “inside,” each text tract offers the same message:

“Let’s Talk!”
of Nazareth
“Call to Me and I will
answer you…”
-Jeremiah 33:3

At the top of this post are the first four of her “text tracts,” two per page. Simply print, fold, cut, and share.

Effective for personal use, or a group project.

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3 Responses to “Text Tracts”: Free Downloads

  1. Cathy says:

    It seems odd communicating via cell phone 4 Godly Inspiration!
    I feel this is an End Time warning!The god of this earth is directing this electronic vehicle to God!


  2. Nancy Taylor says:

    I have two such amazing sisters!


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