Johanna Michaelsen on Rapture Ready Radio, June 10, 2012: Her Testimony and Warning to Christians About Occult Influences Inside the Church

Phyllis Nissila

I’m posting last evening’s Rapture Ready Radio program, “Afterglow,” co-hosted by Tim Roden and Vince Tarquini (Sunday, June 10, 2012). Their guest was Johanna Michaelsen, author of The Beautiful Side of Evil, and Like Lambs to the Slaughter: Your Child and the Occult. In the ministry in which I worked with Vince in the eighties, Johanna’s Beautiful Side of Evil book was one of our resources to help people who were involved in, or who had loved ones involved in, the occult: Satanism, witchcraft, Yoga, New Age Eastern meditation, mysticism, etc.. Johanna’s story and what she was involved in back then was quite exotic and very much out of the awareness of most Christians. Now, sadly, as she noted and as more and more discernment ministries are noting, many occultic practices have entered the Church. Here is her extraordinary testimony and her warnings and encouragements for believers.

THE PROGRAM–live-with-johanna-michaelsen

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