“Minute Ministries”: Shedding a Little Light

My husband had an interesting comment about the picture that tops this blog site: the cluster of flora with a soft spray of light resting atop a fern. (Thanks, WordPress, for the lovely freebies.) It’s a visual metaphor of how it is with a touch from the Holy Spirit, he said. A little insight here, a little refresher, there, illuminating this or that in the ebb and flow of the ordinary. But often having profound impact.

The other day, a radio preacher whose name I didn’t catch (because I caught him mid-commute) reminded us of how easy it is, really, to shed a little light even on the busiest of days.

We can, he said, send an e-mail or Facebook post, make a phone call, write a note, take a minute in the commons of the workplace to encourage, comfort, or remind one another of God’s continuous care in the artful ways the Holy Spirit inspires.

One of my favorite such, you might call them, “minute ministries” is to pray for the passengers–and drivers–of a passing ambulance or fire truck. This habit began when I was in the fifth grade.

As we were busy with our math worksheets in that long-ago classroom, suddenly, a fire truck siren flailed past the front of the school. The teacher had us stop and pray for whomever needed it. (Praying in the classroom wasn’t taboo back then.) So we did.

When I got home I found out that the fire truck had gone to my house! Fortunately, nothing much was damaged due to whatever it was that had happened that I can’t remember now. But in such a dramatic way, a minute ministry was born right there in the middle of long division. Who knew! And I’ve been chasing fire trucks and ambulances–with prayer–ever since.

Shed a little light today?

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